Claimable party expenses

The season to be merry and bright is upon us, and who doesn’t love getting together to let your hair down and have some fun? But when it comes to partying during the festive period, are you allowed to claim your party expenses? The answer is ‘yes’, but there are [...]

2024-01-15T10:28:51+00:007 December 2021|

Paul Ankers – Q&As

In this Q&A we ask Paul Ankers (AKA Panks), the man responsible for running Vantage Accounting, 8 questions about Vantage, his career as an accountant, and his predictions for the next 6 months. Q1: What’s your best advice for a client running their own business? For the vast majority of [...]

2024-01-15T10:28:53+00:0022 September 2021|

Connect with Vantage Accounting

You can now connect with Vantage Accounting across all of your favourite social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter. You can also keep up to date with the latest news from Vantage Accounting on our blog.

2024-01-15T10:29:14+00:0014 May 2015|

Response to the Summer Budget

Yesterday's Summer Budget has mixed news for contractors and small businesses but as always the devil is in the detail and after reading through the budget documents last night the detail is not all there yet (despite being 123 pages!). The budget is a top level proposal and nothing will [...]

2024-01-15T10:29:15+00:0031 March 2015|
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