The top apps and plugins for Xero to make your life easier

The top apps and plugins for Xero to make your life easier

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If you use Xero to manage your business’ accounts, we’re sure you’re already impressed by its ease of use and reliability. But, are you aware there are hundreds of apps and plugins available which can help automate your workflow even further and possibly save you money in the long-run?

Our team of experts has come together to list their top Xero apps and plugins:

  1. Receipt Bank


With Receipt Bank you’ll never have to worry about misplacing or losing a receipt or invoice again. Snap a picture of your receipt using their mobile app and the system gets to work extracting the important information like the date, the amount and the supplier’s details. This information is then fed into Xero. A copy of the receipt or invoice is stored in the cloud for 10 years. Using Receipt Bank saves you from having to manually enter the information and it makes it easier to claim for all your expenses, even the smallest.

  1. Expensify


Expensify takes expense tracking to a whole new level! Its mobile app – SmartScan, enables you to capture an image of the invoice or receipt, and the data is then automatically inputted into Xero. You can specify if you want this expense to be reviewed prior to approval, which can be useful if you’re in charge of tracking a team’s expense spending. Expensify can integrate with travel apps like Uber and HotelTonight to automatically record and store travel expenses. And, by enabling notifications, you can be kept informed of changes to your itinerary, like flight delays.

  1. Harvest


Harvest is a fully integrated time tracking and invoice app plugin. It works across different devices, including PC, Mac and mobile. It’s used to track your time and turn your billable hours into professional looking invoices which can be sent to clients. Harvest has the ability to turn this data into a timesheet, so you can see where your time is being spent. The draw of this is that it can highlight inefficiencies in workflows and notify you if you a project is expected to overrun. Harvest can also be used to upload expense claims like travel expenses.

  1. Hubdoc


Say goodbye to bulky and unsightly filing cabinets and move all your important documents to the cloud. Use Hubdoc’s app to snap and to store copies of your receipts, bills and invoices. Or, if you’re not keen on apps, don’t worry, you can email a copy of your files to Hubdoc and they’ll put them into organised files for you. If you have multiple recurring expenses each month, connect your suppliers to Hubdoc and they’ll download all your bills so you and your accountant can access them all in one place, instead of having to log-in to multiple accounts.

  1. Shopify


If you’re looking to build an online business, there’s no easier way to get going than with Shopify. Shopify is an eCommerce platform, which enables you to build a website through which to sell your products. By using the Shopify – Xero integration you can easily and quickly import the details of all your orders into your accounting system, which reduces the chance of mistakes being made. Use this imported data to create invoices or powerful reports to track how your business is going.

  1. Stripe


Speed up the process of getting paid with Stripe. Add a Stripe ‘Pay Now’ button to your invoices, to enable your clients to pay your invoice quickly and securely using a debit or credit card. It’s good for them as they can action payment immediately and it’s great for you as you don’t have to worry about late payments. It’s incredibly easy to set up the integration and once the payment has been made, it will be marked down as paid in Xero.

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Note: All the information and advice in this blog post was correct at the time of writing.

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