Upcoming changes to principle private residence relief and lettings relief.

From April 2020, the government will be changing two reliefs that provide relief on rental property (lettings relief) and on gains made in the final period of ownership (principle private residency relief) of your main residence. Lettings relief This useful relief can be claimed by individuals who have let out [...]

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What to do if you receive a letter from HMRC’s worldwide disclosure facility

On occasion HMRC send out letters to individuals who they believe have received income, gains or assets from overseas. These letters are not blindly sent out, rather HMRC rely on information garnered from the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI). These are agreements made between certain countries’ revenue raising authorities. Another [...]

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ATED – are you prepared?

If you own a UK based property through a limited company, you may have to file an ATED return and pay an ATED charge. The deadline for doing this is incredibly short, and if you miss it, you may face paying penalty charges and interest on what is owed. What [...]

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How to Reclaim VAT on Google PPC

Google is the biggest player on the internet. Not only does it own the biggest search engine, it also offers one of the best platforms for online advertising. If you’re not sure what PPC is, it stands for Pay Per Click advertising. These are the adverts that you see at [...]

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